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      Welcome to Tony's Auto Body

In the 1930’s as a young boy my dad, Tony, always had a passion for cars.
His uncle Guerino had an auto body repair facility on Preakness Avenue in Paterson. My dad loved to hang around the shop to learn all he could about them. As time went on his uncle taught him the trade and my dad started working for him repairing vehicles. He worked for several years honing his skills at another area shop thereafter. His desire was to eventually open his own shop. In 1952 he did just that. He opened for business in a backyard garage of his grandfather’s home in Lodi with the help of his dad who also worked with him. Word spread quickly about his quality work and the business increased significantly. He soon needed to find a much larger facility to accommodate all of his work.

In 1955, he later purchased property in Paterson on Sherwood Avenue and built his own facility with enough room to house a separate mechanical shop, paint room and office. This site had the much needed room to grow his business. He now had to employ more personnel and office staff to handle the volume. As young as 7 years old, I started to share that passion my dad had about cars and I too would hang around the shop. After school I would come to help out sweeping floors and sanding parts. I soon took a keen interest in the skills needed to repair vehicles. As I grew, I became more and more active in the repair process, working in various capacities throughout the facility. After high school I went on to earn a Degree in Business from Montclair University. After college I started running the business along with my dad. With both of us working together, the business was doing overwhelming well and it was once again time to start looking for a new home as we were definitely outgrowing our current facility. My dad ultimately retired in 1998 before a new location was found. My sister, Toni, also works for the company. While in high school, she worked in the office after school and during summers. After graduating, she went on to further her education and was working in the legal field but later returned after the birth of son in 1987. She is the Office Manager.

In 2001 I found what was to be the new home of Tony’s Auto Body at 84 Union Boulevard in Totowa. It was a perfect location only a mile from it’s original location and on a main thoroughfare. The buildings were totally renovated and a state of the art collision repair facility proudly emerged.

With over 12,000 SF of workspace, Tony’s Auto Body has invested in the latest computer technology and equipment to produce quality service and workmanship needed to work on today’s uni-body vehicles. At Tony’s Auto body, we are dedicated to consistently delivering the highest quality collision repairs and service possible in an honest, ethical and efficient manner while providing outstanding customer service for a hassle free experience. Your satisfaction is our goal and we always go the extra mile to guarantee that.

Our long list of satisfied customers is both proof and evidence of the many years we have put into building the best reputation in the area for three generations.